About Me

Triskaidekaman is pen-name of a part-time author based in Jakarta. Started to write fiction in mid-2016, she mostly crafts novel-length/novella-length pieces, although she also wrote nonfiction in the past and occasionally composes poems/proses.

Her debut novel Buku Panduan Matematika Terapan (title in English: A Guidebook of Applied Mathematics) (Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2018) is 1st winner of 2017 Unnes International Novel Writing Contest and shortlisted in 2017/18 Khatulistiwa Literary Award (Kusala Sastra Khatulistiwa) for First/Second Book category. She had also accomplished communal feats via few of her digital novels and short stories. She mostly writes in Indonesian.

She enjoys Formula 1, books, coffee, Oreo, NaNoWriMos, and watching you.


Note/Nov 21, 2018: This site is still in progress of migration from blog triskaidekaman13.wordpress.com and some other stuffs, so please anticipate that this site may not fully function for some weeks.