Conundrum Apropos

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2nd Winner, 2017 Storial Novel Writing Month

2017 NaNoWriMo novel

Conundrum Apropos is a dystopian (science-fiction) choose-your-own-adventure story for teens and young adults, which comprises big theme of collided honesty and deception in a fictional country named Augariana. You are the protagonist who have to lead country’s fate on its fight for truthful-speaking habit. This story has 120 distinct chapters (including some empty pictures only filled with pictures) where readers can hop from particular chapter to another to find where their fate will lead them to. The first draft–the version that won the aforementioned feats–was written in Indonesian in just 27 days.

You can enjoy the whole first draft in this website.

Soon in December 2018.

[Blurb] Augariana, your country, was tired facing people lies, either white or black ones. Honest Consistent Persistent (HCP) discourse had been commenced for the sake of people transparency of minds and opinions. Scientists and behavior experts were deployed. You were included, immersed into stream towards unpredictable outcome. System was regulated while Veritaject and Veritasensor were invented. Things should have been alright, until Tamara Margana–one of Veritaject senior committee member–was found dead. Future fate of Augariana now depends on you and your choices.