New Year Resolution

New year is coming. What words now? Resolution? Think again.

Another new year is coming. Just like last year, few years ago, decades ago, or maybe before I was born, people keep making wishes. And creating bunch of items in a list of “new year resolution”…

I regard this action to be useless in certain ways. Why? What? I will describe it here.

New year marks a change of number on the end of each date we write down (or type, or input into anything). For many people, including us, this change means so much, so that we really want to cherish the very moment of change into something meaningful. But what medium should we prefer to use?

To create a poet of love or send a bucket of flowers? We consider Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Thanksgiving Day, or Fathers Day will be more proper time to do so.

To send ourselves a cake? We consider that we should wait until the next birthday anniversary party to do so.

To wish upon a star? We understand that not every New Year’s Eve is marked with meteorite rain or special comet sight. So we cannot do that, certainly.

But in the end of the day, we still want to be better.

Not only on the New Year’s Eve. But in every chance that we get, every opportunity to rethink about what we have gone through, we will start to think about the better future of ourselves. And we will want to be better, alwaysthe most logical remaining aspect, is the wishes themselves. We still want to wish for the better day when it comes. And this also applies for New Year. Then there it is: New Year Resolution.

We are so eager to make New Year Resolution list. Packed with all the things we want to see happening to us in the following year. Some wants to look slimmer, some wants to have more money, some wants to have better jobs, some wants more children, some just wants more happiness. But we often forget something.

If we have a dream, we must have a plan to make that dream come true. To have a road map for our dream realization will help us a lot to make our dreams become reality. Not just beautified words in our bucket list named “New Year Resolution”. Those words will stay as words at the end of June, if we don’t have any road map to guide us moving forward.

Rather than having a monstrous amount of items in our bucket list, I think it is better if we have only few, but feasible.

Only few, but it is still in our range of arms to reach them all. Then we will be more focused on realizing those items. Rather than fulfilling one by one of huge number of items, I bet most of us only able to stand until March, before then we decide to give up all resolutions and wait until December to create new ones.

The other problem is about feasibility of our dreams. We often dream about anything, and sometimes dream about reaching something beyond our capability. Before such dreams turn into reality, we may be expected to do some realization. After such realization finished, we may have a better and feasible target to achieve in the following year.

So please. Please stop saying things named Resolutions, but only saying without doing something. Do something. What we need is to do something. That is the real resolution!

If you have a bad record on committing, then don’t create a bunch of list. Go on with small number of items you would like to do.

If you have a good record on realizing your resolutions in previous years, keep doing your job! Challenge yourself with new resolutions, but remember to stay calm, stay humble, and always create your goal within feasible fence.

So, another new year is coming. What words will be your resolution? Have you thought about it? Have you create a plan to make it come true?

Don’t ever let your new year resolution lists be like others. Don’t let them stay as words. Because they will be as useless as usual.

Catatan: Terima kasih sudah membaca sampai selesai. Tulisan ini sudah saya muat sebelumnya di profil Medium saya. Jika berkenan silahkan di-follow. Happy new year!


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